Sunday, March 3, 2019

Whatsapp biggest update ever,Dark mode,Privacy protection,Stickers 2019

Whatsapp update Great experience for users with great features.

whatsapp is the biggest communication app in world wide.whatsapp is the most usable app in the world for communications,and now its a great platforms as well as of news,videos,entertainment and a platform to make anything viral and now it updated with great features in 2019 and this update make users more happy and relax.How?

5 Best upcoming interesting updates are here for Android and iOS.

1.Whatsapp fingerprint lock system:

WhatsApp upgrading security and privacy system by update app with fingerprint sensor to make your chats and messages secure from others you also fear about your chats and messages because of your chats leak or hack but with this next level feature by coming  fingerprint sensor in this app.

2.Stickers from third party:

Whatsapp is going to launch new exciting feature by which we can use stickers from third party app in our chats and this will make users more excited because users have a great bunch of stickers allowed by whatsapp and this will take users at a high level.

3.Dark mode in WhatsApp:

Here is a great change in whatsapp that the new update atke a good and effective features for users which is a mode named Dark mode which is very good to use the whatsapp in night because Dark mode will only for darkness like specialy for night to feel the users EYE relax,so this feature is more excite from others.

4.Reply privacy:

This feature will testing by whatsapp in iOS sytem and it also introduced for android users.IN this feature you have a option to chat privately to a guy in a group you can reply a single person further in a group and this feature is very important to users about their privacy.

5.Emoji entrance:

There is also a news coming out that whatsapp introduced users with more exciting emoji's which is make users happy and excited because with the adding of new emoji's users have a great bunch of emoji used in their chats and messages.

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