Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Facebook Messenger Biggest new update with interesting feature

Facebook Messenger Biggest new update with interesting feature.

Facebook Messenger app updated with new interesting features and it is also a better app for Facebook chating with extra features and it officialy recommended by Facebook for individual chat.

Facebook Messenger new feature.

Facebook Messenger new update is Dark mode introduced in Messenger app it really great feature it also introduced in whatsapp,WhatsApp new update.this feature is mostly used in night because its second name is Night mode,and it coming soon with update in Android and iOS.This feature is very good and likely by users,users are very interested to use this update of messenger and it will also give a professional look to the app .

Best points of this update:

It will gives you a great experience and it may also help you to manage your mode according to your mood,with this update the background of messenger app will change in dark and it will also help in battery reduction it save your battery also and it will also usefull for your eyes it help in reduction of bad effect on your eyes 

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