Monday, March 11, 2019

Facebook Messenger attacked by a Bug-how to repair it,full information -Confirm by TECHDARES

Facebook Messenger attacked by a Bug ,Save your Messenger Privacy.

If you are using Facebook messenger for your communication then here is a alert for you that save your privacy and account from bug because Facebook messenger attacked by a Bug,and this information was first give by security research group(imperva).

Precautions to use Fb messenger.

>Delete your personal Messeges first.
>Don't use messenger website for use.
>Make your password strong.
>If you show any error in your messenger then report it to Facebook.
>Be aware from Hackers.

Facebook solved this.

  Researcher of security company named Ron Masas tell to Facebook about Bug after this alert Facebook take action and solve the problem of Bug and now tell that feel relax to use Messenger.

Facebook Work in Strong its security.

Facebook was hacked many times by hackers and many of account information was leaked in passing time but now Facebook work in security and want that this problem is not shown after,Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook start a new type of service in that user can use Fb in safe way and messeges cannot read by Facebook,this is a great news and thanks to read this article.

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