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Best 4 ways to earn money online,from home.

Best 4 ways to earn money online,from home free.

If you want to earn money online and make a better life so,you can read this post and know about how to make money online from home there are 5 ways that i will tell you and these all are free and easy and these ways used by everyone no matter,if any student,housewife, this time the online earning is on trending and it make a great history and the future will totally changed in technology,science make a great way for each and every person,and everyone used technology in their life,so lets know the earning and tricks.

Follow these steps given below:






If you have any talent then you make money on youtube by uploading videos on youtube and generate a huge income,youtube is the best way to describe your self,if you success in youtube then you got fame and money because youtube starting to promote new youtubers and this will be the great time to make a youtube channel .You just show your talent via youtube to audience and you get paid by google.There are many ways in youtube to earn money like to promote something on your channel,and this will give you a huge price for the promotion and this way is totally free,easy and profitable for you,you just have a smartphone for your videos and a script or a talent to attract viewers to you.I think this will help you to work from home ang earn profit.


Affilate marketing is the best way of huge earning because there are many companies in world which start there affiliate marketing.We earn money about 100$ per day by selling products,things with the help of links and it is very easy way of earn money because of by affiliate .If we share any link to a person and he buy something from your link you get some commision from the site and there are different-different commision rates of selling products and we start it by our home and it totally free and you also promote your links via websites,facebook,whatsapp and youtube or by other social media this will help you in increasing your income and you ccan also make a website of affiliate marketting links and you just add links everyday on website and you may earn about 15,000 to 100,000 per month.
There are many companies for partnership in the market to spread their buissness in every part of world with the help of Google you search many companies who are verified and needs a partner so,you just talk to your favorite company and get profit in the way of earning.


Freelancing means you just complete the orders of clients from home.There are many websites that provide you free jobs to freelamcers and the steps that you perform for earn money by this are.
Firstly you have to make an account on any freelancing website and then,make your profile and complete it after that you have to choose category,there are many categories like.article writting,website developing,video editing,etc.and in which you are intrested you just choose and wait for orders the minimum of orders in any website is 5 dollar and if you started get orders then you may make money about 25 dollar to 100 dollar per day and now i will tell you some website names which provide you free jobs are .FREELANCER.COM,UPWORK.COM,etc are the verified sites which give you 100% money.


In the present time people earn much money by technology from a government job and in this field people there are many work to earn money because each and every people need social media or technology and in the present time the trend of technology its in making websites and apps.There are two platforms of making website are Blogger and Wordpress with the help of blogger you make your blog and just share your views on any topic and when people reach your blog and like it then you start earning by Google Adsense and with wordpress you make your proffesional website like amzon,flipkart etc. not only shopping site but many other well customised website you make here and just do like blogging you share your knowledge,start a small buissness you also get paid by making your websites and you also take orders to make websites and you make money by developing websites and apps and i also make websites and i cost about 2500 to 5000rs per website.


By making apps and publishing it on playstore,appstore you generate a huge profit from android apps you earn from 50,000 to 100,000rs per month because in this field people doesn't know much about it and the competition is very low so,you can make much money from a government job,physical work and the apps are made from PC and Laptops and the platforms for making apps are as ANDROID STUDIO,KODULAR,THUNKABLE.etc.

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